Kindergarten Meet & Greets

Kindergarten Meet & Greet

Come meet new friends before the school year starts! For $12 per child, enjoy pizza, jump time, and games with your child’s classmates and their families. And who knows…maybe some teachers will be able to join us, too! Siblings are welcome. Adults may choose to enjoy pizza as well for $3.

  1. Kemptown Elementary – Tuesday August 21st,  6pm to 8pm
  2. Lisbon Elementary – Thursday August 23rd, 6pm to 8pm
  3. Deer Crossing Elementary – Friday August 24th, 6pm to 8pm
  4. Green Valley Elementary – Monday August 27th, 6pm to 8pm
  5. Winfield Elementary – Tuesday August 28th, 6pm to 8pm
  6. New Market Elementary – Wednesday August 29th, 6pm to 8pm
  7. Twin Ridge Elementary – Thursday August 30th, 6pm to 8pm
  8. Parrs Ridge Elementary – Friday August 31st, 6pm to 8pm

We wish you all the best, class of 2031!!!